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The Dynamic Futures Fund is a UCITS Fund powered by the “Dynamic Futures System”, a Market-based Systematic Process. 

At the heart of the process lies the interaction between a trend following system and a reversal component. 

We believe that trends exist and can be captured using several indicators to define their persistency and consistency on a dynamic investment horizon (short-to-medium term).

Yet, eventually those trends end or change. The Reversal component, by monitoring markets’ pulse from various standpoints (technical, breadth, and sentiment), tries to identify such reversals of trends to take advantage from them.

Nevertheless market movements are complex and the same causes do not necessarily imply the same consequences. That is why the combination (Trend following and Reversal) is encapsulated into a market environment framework. This framework analyses the various elements that influence investors’ perception and helps selecting the best combination of parameters that should be applied to the components of the System.


Dynamic Futures UCITS Fund – Managed Futures


We believe that trends do exist but do end and reverse. The innovative combination of a trend following system using a dynamic investment horizon and a reversal component is the best solution to capture trends and reversals


We believe the market environment defines investor’s perception. Our Market Regime Map will adjust the parameters of the System so that it can navigate throughout various market cycles


We believe that our focused approach on Equity Index Futures only fill 3 types of needs:

a. An attractive absolute return profile
b. A beta play to adjust investors’ equity exposure
c. A protective play in tougher times as the System should protect investors’ capital in turbulent times

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