The Descartes Alternative Credit UCITS Fund is a long-only, total return strategy, offering access to senior secured corporate loans through investments in European Collateralised Loan Obligations (“CLOs”).

The strategy seeks to generate high current income (currently 4%-5%) plus the potential for incremental return through capital appreciation.

The Fund primarily invests in European rated CLO securities. CLOs are floating rate instruments, which will benefit from rising rates, with a large carry and strong capital resilience.

The Fund’s diversified portfolio is actively managed by Cartesia, using a combination of fundamental security analysis and dynamic allocation across rating categories.

Cartesia is a Paris based regulated investment manager, set up in 2009 by seasoned partners with an average experience of 25 years in European structured credit products, especially in securitised assets such as CLOs.


Descartes Alternative Credit UCITS Fund


An attractive asset-class and investment timing:

  • Attractive CLO spreads on an absolute basis and significant yield pick-up versus similarly rated corporate credits
  • Highly diversified exposure to the European corporate credit universe
  • Strong protection against defaults provided by overcollateralization and structural features

An investment team of European CLO/ABS professionals with an average 25-year market experience in the sector, dedicated to sourcing, analysing, negotiating, selecting and monitoring CLO/ABS investments, with a solid track record since 2009.


A thorough investment process with bottom up line by line analysis using the most advanced technology in the industry.

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