DUBLIN, 12th October 2017 – Advent Capital Management, LLC (“Advent”), ML Capital and Genesis Advisors are pleased to announce the launch of the Advent Global Partners UCITS Fund, a multi-strategy vehicle hosted on the MontLake UCITS Platform. MontLake is a leading independent platform for UCITS funds that provides investors with access to a range of liquid, transparent and regulated investment products domiciled in Dublin.

 The Advent Global Partners strategy was launched in 1996 and applies a relative value approach to investing in volatility and credit markets with an event-driven bias to capture compelling asymmetric opportunities. The strategy is agnostic to any single sub-strategy and invests globally exploiting relative value volatility, event driven and credit opportunities while capitalizing on market dislocations. The strategy combines the firm’s proprietary fundamental research capabilities with quantitative analysis to exploit mispriced idiosyncratic volatility opportunities and identify misunderstood credits and corporate valuations.

 The strategy is led by Marc Friezo and Doug Teresko, both of whom have decades of experience trading and managing relative value strategies including capital structure arbitrage, event driven, corporate credit and volatility arbitrage. Advent’s portfolio management team has successfully managed these strategies through numerous market cycles and varying levels of market volatility and the strategy has produced attractive, risk-adjusted performance on an absolute basis, as well as versus its peers.

Kris Haber, COO of Advent Capital Management said: “Given current global equity and credit market valuations, our Global Partners strategy seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns while exhibiting low beta and correlation to traditional asset classes. We are excited to partner with ML Capital to launch the Advent Global Partners UCITS Fund which provides investors access to this unique alternative strategy within a regulated and transparent vehicle”.

Cyril Delamare, CEO of ML Capital commented: “We are delighted to have partnered with Advent Capital for the launch of the Advent Global Partners UCITS Fund. We have every confidence that the team’s proven track record, since inception in 1996, will prove for great success in the UCITS market. Advent is a welcome addition to the UCITS universe and we look forward to building our partnership with the team”.

Eyal Perez, Founder of Genesis Advisors stated: “I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Advent, given the firm's incredible reputation and resources. Advent Global Partners amassed a great track record for more than 20 years which is one of the longest and most accomplished among its peers, leveraging the team’s unique set of skills and experience”.

About Advent

Advent Capital Management, LLC was founded in 1995 and actively manages more than $9 billion across alternative and traditional strategies. Advent’s investment team consists of 60 employees in New York and London, including 24 seasoned investment professionals performing bottom-up fundamental research and capitalizing on opportunities on a global scale.

Advent has generated compelling annualized risk‐adjusted returns across all strategies since inception and its client base includes some of the world’s largest public and corporate pension plans, foundations, endowments, insurance companies and high net worth individuals.

About ML Capital

ML Capital is a forward looking and leading independent fund structuring and investment management firm specialising in European regulated fund structures. As an award-winning platform provider, we partner with the very best of investment managers to bring to market the latest most appropriate fund structures to comply with the raft of incoming regulatory requirements, whilst meeting the ever increasing expectations of investors. As at September 2017, group AUM stands at $4 billion.

ML Capital handles all aspects of the fund structuring and launch on investment managers' behalf. Through our dedicated network, we also offer fund sales and distribution if required and have had comprehensive coverage of investors in all key European markets for the past 20 years.

Our goal is to provide the most appropriate fund structures to maximise distribution opportunities across all key markets. Our solutions bring together market leading service providers with some of the very best minds in the regulated fund space; providing well managed European investment products with the highest levels of service and governance. We ensure that all incoming investors and partners come in with the full knowledge that they are investing into structures that are designed to protect and preserve investor interest.

MLC Management Ltd acts as third party management company for UCITS and AIFMD funds. Offering better compliance, oversight and management facilities than self-managed structures, the management company is the future of fund structuring; as the industry responds to the desire of investors and regulators for greater substance, we believe management companies will become the structure of choice for new funds, as others move away from self-managed fund structures.

About Genesis Advisors

Genesis Advisors is a hedge fund advisory & seeding firm focusing on best-in-class alternative asset managers with a special expertise in providing them with UCITS structuring, seed capital and exclusive promotion. Genesis was established in Geneva in 2016 by Eyal Perez and is FINMA Licensed & Regulated.